Emissions & LED Options

When assessing the mitigation potential of various low-emissions agriculture technical practices, practitioners must consider the combined effects of interactions among animal-manure-soil-crop processes related to whole-farm profitability, effectiveness in the field (vs experimental results), and the likely adoption rate.

Sources & Sinks expands on the sources that put greenhouse gases (GHGs) or aerosols into the atmosphere, and where and how GHGs are removed from the atmosphere or stored in the system, sinks. Each page includes comprehensive explanations of emissions contribution and mechanisms as well as factors that affect emissions and technical practices for mitigating emissions.

The agricultural production systems section explores ways a farmer can make use of available resources to meet consumer demand. The system pages explore emissions by sources within the production system and technical options and strategies for mitigating associated emissions.

The sections below go into detail on these processes and the interconnectedness of agriculture and food systems. Click on the Overview page for each section to get a general idea of that topic.